About Us

The Esala Team is a Tucson area real estate team consisting of skilled agents that take purchasing and selling real estate to a whole new level. We do not consider ourselves Sales Agents. We consider ourselves YOUR PROFESSIONAL GUIDES through the maze of our market. We will make recommendations based on your needs and custom design your real estate map from step one, all the way to the finish line. We will accompany you 100% of the way. Purchasing and selling real estate in this modern day can be confusing, treacherous, and sometimes down-right scary. The Esala Team agents are trained to shed light on anything that could leave you in the dark. They fully explain the ins and outs of the process. Let us be your guide. Our goal is to make sure you come out on top with the home that you always wanted or selling the home you need to sell. We don’t rest until you have the best.

How We Got Started

Luther & Christina started helping families navigate the downed market in short sales. Then Christina Esala learned purchasing auction properties & helping investors. Luther then became skilled in Commercial properties. We got so busy that we were forced to hire agents to help us with buyers and sellers. Now we are a strong team focusing on pleasing our clients from the initial call to closing table. We are blessed and thankful for all that is done.
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